About us

200 years’ experience of casting
Storebrogjuteriet is located in Storebro between Vimmerby and Hultsfred in Northeastern Småland. The foundry was started as far back as 1808, then primarily manufacturing household products in the form of cooking utensils, wood stoves, cast iron mortars and other items that were in demand in Swedish homes. 200 years of casting tradition has enabled us to develop the knowledge and refined manufacturing methods that make us one of the world’s leading cast iron producers when it comes to technically complex castings. Even though we are continuously investing in new production techniques and advanced control methods, it is our skilled staff that are our greatest asset. An important part of our strength is the great flexibility that enables us to rapidly reset production in accordance with our customers’ needs.

At the same time we are keen to have technical challenges and new commissions, and want to develop together with our customers. This also makes us an important collaborative partner for our customers.

Our business concept
Our business concept is to market and manufacture advanced machine-moulded iron goods for Swedish and foreign customers. Within the framework of a single organisation we supply knowledge, inventiveness, experience and technical equipment, which runs all the way from the idea stage via modelling and casting to delivering a completely finished article.

We call our concept ”All from One”.

Along with Roslagsgjuteriet, Storebrogjuteriet is part of Storskogen. Within the group we have assembled unique casting knowledge, extensive experience and modern technical equipment. This means that we can assist you with every conceivable casting in steel, iron, spheroidal graphite cast iron and white iron in both short and long runs. And in weights from 200 grams to 7,000 kg. Regardless of whether you order hand moulded or machine moulded components, you will appreciate our customised solutions, effective quality control and personal service.