1728Ironworks forge with helve hammer. Storebro Ironworks founded by W M Pauli.
1736Storebro Ironworks acquires its own blast furnace.
1808Claes Fries takes over Storebro Bruk and constructs a foundry.
1880The ”demise of the ironworks” – also affects Storebro Ironworks and iron manufacture ceases.
1960Erection of new moulding shop commences, completed in 1962.
1972New cleaning shop built.
1979Moulding with furan sand introduced.
1995Storebro Gjuteri AB purchases ”Övre Ironworks” premises and converts them into a pattern shop, pattern store, core shop and office.
1996Moulding shop rebuilt.
1998Andersson & Rahmqvist Intressenter AB, owner of Roslagsgjuteriet AB, purchases Storebro Gjuteri and changes its name to Storebro Handformningsgjuteri AB.
2002Major investments are made in the form of a new sand preparation plant etc. The company changes its name to Storebrogjuteriet AB.
2006Nötudden Invest AB purchases Storebrogjuteriet AB.
2008New 800m2 covered scrap yard. Storebrogjuteriet AB is 200 years old.
2012Larger capacity steel shot blaster.
2015New smelter. Two new furnaces to replace one older.
2019Storskogen purchases Storebrogjuteriet AB.