Fuld mold process

Save time and money with full-form casting

We are one of a small number of foundries in the country that undertake full-form casting, and furthermore, cast products in spheroidal graphite cast iron using styrofoam models. The major advantages of using styrofoam models for one-off production and short runs is that you save both time and money. The cost of producing a styrofoam model is 10–25 % of the cost for an equivalent wooden model. In cases where a core is needed it is made of zircon sand.

This technique enables us to make castings with a weight of up to 7 tonnes and a maximum size of 5,000×3,000×1,200 mm.

Lightweight model has a major impact on prototype manufacture

Manufacturing prototypes is an area where styrofoam models can considerably simplify production. Instead of using a welded structure, which is often the case, the prototype is manufactured as a casting.

We use a special sort of styrofoam and the models, which are made in CNC-mills, are highly accurate. The material is burned and gasified during casting.